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Expat Mortgages & International Mortgages

Expat Mortgages & International Mortgages

With the UK housing market continuing to demonstrate long-term price inflation, buying a UK property whilst living abroad can make good financial sense not only for those wishing to use it as a future home but for those seeking an investment opportunity.

We cater for foreign nationals, British expats, UK residents earning in foreign currencies and non-domiciled UK residents. When it comes to our mortgages for expats, our offering includes an exclusive multi-currency offset facility for international buyers of UK property.

What is an Expat mortgage?

Expat mortgages are designed to assist expatriates looking to purchase residential properties in the UK. These include mortgages for homes where you or your family will live or alternatively for those looking to invest in a buy to let property.

Am I eligible for an Expat mortgage?

Expat mortgages can be particularly difficult to obtain and mortgage options from mainstream lenders for British expatriates are limited due to their strict criteria within the current economic climate.

Approval for these types of mortgages can depend on borrower eligibility criteria, country of residence, individual circumstances and loan requirements.

Along with the regular documents needed, there are also a few key factors that can help increase your chances of receiving an expat mortgage;

  • Credit history – Whilst it is not always essential for borrowers to have a UK credit history when applying for an expat mortgage, having a good UK credit history could be an advantage when seeking the best mortgage deals.
  • Financial association with the UK – By sustaining some form of financial associations within the UK you are more likely to be eligible for a wider range of mortgages. These can include financial links such as a credit card or a residential address.

Expat mortgage options

Expat mortgages fall into two categories:

  • People who are about to move abroad and wish to retain their property here – usually to rent out.
  • People who are currently living abroad and are planning to return home at some point in the future.

Here at we have relationships with a wealth of international lenders and private banks that have access to loans for expats in excess of £1 million.

For British nationals overseas we can either structure the loan in the UK or in many other jurisdictions if your tax adviser recommends. We can create a loan structure which prevents you needing to bring non-internationally earned income into the UK and this saves you from paying unnecessary charges.

We can also cross charge assets (either real estate or liquid) to achieve the best possible lending terms. This can take into account structures such as;

  • Family trusts
  • Offshore investments
  • International wealth
  • Multi-currency income profiles

We can work at a speed suited to your international lifestyle and are experts in dealing with customers across several time zones.

How can we help you?

Here at our mortgage managers work to ensure our clients successfully navigate the complex world of Expat mortgages. Contact us today to find out more.

Think carefully before securing other debts against your home or property.

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